Friday, June 30, 2006

welcome interns

the interns are here and have begun working down in the emergency department. please welcome the jefferson class of 2009. best of luck.


from the top left corner:

row 1: timberly booker, scott brown, jason theiling, emily chen
row 2: serge hougeir, timothy o'connor, adora ozumba, marleine shafik
row 3: matias elijovich, brian tran, charles wamublwa, lisa watts

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

conference schedule: june 29

just a note: conference will be held in 203 college this week.

07:00 emergency ultrasound by dr. seibert
08:00 the threat of nuclear terrorism with dr. jasper
09:00 "teaching residents to teach" by dr. griswold
10:00 toxicology: acetaminophen by dr. kolecki
11:00 grand rounds: diagnostic decision making in the ed by dr. nathan shapiro

Thursday, June 22, 2006

congrats to the class of 2006

congratulations to the graduating class of 2006 and good luck as they start their new jobs. thanks for three great years.

Nelsson Becerrra, MD
ultrasound fellowship
St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center
New York City, NY

Lisa Evans, MD
St. Joseph's Hospital
Philadelphia, PA

Kathleen Hegarty, MD
Loyola University Medical Center
Maywood, IL

Jesse Iwanski, MD
INOVA/Mt. Vernon Hospital
Alexandria, VA

Hector Knox, MD
Doctor's Community Hospital
Seabrook, MD

Christopher Maurischat, MD
John T. Mather Memorial Hospital
Port Jefferson, NY

Alex Mohseni, MD
Prince William Hospital
Manassas, VA

Vishal Parikh, MD
Medical Associated/Community Health Network
Indianapolis, IN

Brian Rudick, MD, MBA
Venture Capital - Princeton, NJ
Pro-Temps, Philadelphia, PA

Trey Sims, MD
North Shore Medical Center
Miami, FL

Corey Waller, MD, MS
Spectrum Health Care
Ann Arbor, MI

McRae Williams, MD, PhD
Greater Baltimore Medical Center
Towson, MD

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

conference schedule: june 22

so i'm going to try and post the conference schedule every week. then, with the presenter's permission, tape and then link the mp3s to the blog. this week's line up:

07:00 trauma with dr. wayne bond lau
08:00 radiolgy by jefferson radiology
09:00 subarachnoid hemorrhage by dr. ray regan
10:00 rapid fire ECG's with dr. france doyle
11:00 pediatric upper extremity injuries by dr. alexander limkakeng


new year

it's a new year at jeff and we're trying something different with the blog. hopefully we'll continue to add and improve it as the year goes on. feel free to post your comments and e-mail us with your suggestions, interesting cases, ekgs, photos, or whatever. ...good luck.